Vitamin Injections

All our vitamin injections are administered by our specialist Registered Nurse. They are given intramuscularly and take approximately 5 minutes. Our vitamin injections include:


Immune Booster  Limited Offer - £20 OFF (offer ends 28 Feb 2017)

A rapid boost for your immune system straight into your bloodstream. 

Vitamin C regenerates you immediately on a cellular level and Vitamin B nourishes the nervous and hormonal system. Contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex.


To book your appointment and take up this offer email or call us on 0191 222 0100.


Viva Forever 

Viva forever is our vitamin injection packed full of goodness. This vitamin boost is great if you are lacking in energy or feeling run down. It gives a pick me up to help support times of stress and when you are feeling overwhelmed. Contains a proprietary blend of B vitamins. 



This is a B12 injection for those wishing to combat tiredness, lethargy, feeling faint and breathlessness.


Hair and Nail Growth

This injection contains Vitamin B5 and Biotin to enhance hair and nail growth and strength.



Youthful Beauty

 Contains Collagen and Biotin to improve skin tone and give glowing skin.           


B Bundle

Bump up your metabolism with a combination of vitamin B12, vitamin B complex and vitamin C.


Vitamin D

Increase your vitamin D levels with an injection.                                      


Iron Injection

Increase your iron levels with an injection of iron.


All Vitamin Injections are £99.00 each

Package of 6 injections £500.00                               


If you have any questions or require help in choosing which infusion or injection is best for you at this time please call us on 0191 222 0100 or email

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